Where on this shall I get a bit of peace?
Where shall I find a real friend who will forever
Remain with me in happiness and temptations?
Who on this earth will guide and or laugh with me?
When will the tears which flow from my eyes end?
Which path should I walk on…?
Where I won’t meet hate –gossip - drunkenness
Evil events and abborretive actions?
How will I know that am not alone as I sojourn on this earth?
What good is there for me to put down ink on paper?
Where will I find better people on this earth?
I am confused in darkness………………..I see no path
I am so thirsty but there is hardly any water to quench me
My solid happiness has been detached into bits
I live a scary life-I am frightened
I am surrounded with more hate than love
I am less with love –peace and excitement

I am dressed up with anxiety and skeptic thoughts
And what I call wisdom in my own sight
I demystified myself and ablazed it down
To the nearest fool under a conference of darkness
Where light is unknown to the dwellers
And I knew wind blows people of my kind
Still in the darkness of myself,
A bright light right from above the earth
Stroke on the inside of my dark body
I didn’t know what was happening
And my gharb flew away to a way
Where my ink is unable to recall
Then I was dressed up in grace
And smartened with love and mercy and glory
And in my right hand was a cup of forgiveness
Which I drunk with applause-sacrifice and politeness
And then I knew who I was…………………..

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