they claim your soul

they see your heart

you cant escape

because they are everywhere

windows, metal, water


what if they are kind?

what if they are trying to speak?

to warn you of danger

because when you dont see them

they know of the past

and future

they try to speak

but your heart isnt open

your mind doesnt care

your soul has been borrowed

because only one can exist

when a mirror dies

your soul must be reborn

those 7 years of bad luck

arent bad luck

theyre caused because

you have no warning

no oracle

no portection

go ahead!

try it sometime!

or dont

you never know

what might happen

danger lurks in the

dark side of the mirror

accidently, and your half

might return

purposely, and they wont


one simple, stupid mistake

and your life becomes Hell

no savior, no God

no Hope

the demons are free

free to terrorize your every



because demons dont sleep

dont eat

dont stop

so dont be stupid

dont kill your soul


and you might hear

hear a whisper...

...a warning from the other side


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