I looked in the mirror

and saw a little girl,

who could it be?

could it be me?

And that little girl had dreams and hopes

but those dreams turn into a fantasy

And those hope started to fade away;

like a handful of dust.

I looked in the mirror and saw the real me

Those flaws and insecurities no longer appeared.

And the flashback of past clicked right before my eyes,

And the horror came back 

smashing my hand on the reflections.

letting out all my emotions 

this is a distraction.

I must stop before I notice all my imperfection.

letting my heart bleed to death

a scar that will never be wiped. 

Mirrors | srorriM 

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i can relate to this poem becouse  i had a hard life ... dont we all


It's a wonderful thing to connect! I wrote this poem awhile ago when I used to be really depress but now I'm recovering and doing much better, I hope that things get better for you!

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