Mirrored Love

Unrecognizable yet familiar all in the same

Forgotten in a past fog that has become as comforting as home

Eyes sparkling as deeply as the rain that drowns away the past

But the fog persistantly presses on

Reaching out in hopes of remembering 

Just a glimpse of what this may have one time been 

But it is a cold and unnerving sense that greets you

shocking the body back into reality

It seems warm an inviting, yet unknown to all

Frozen and forgotten, but it stands as a lie

As the eyes slowly close and turn the darkness which fills the space

A heart beating as cold as this foreign face

Slowly it changes warming from inside

Taking the fear that shrouded the glass

Pressing it deeply in the fooging of the past

A single tear forming yet never shall it fall

Eyes open and breath caught as time stalls 

A diffrent figure now fills the frame

A face that has learned to love again...


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