When I think about those days 

the pain comes my way in the light of day 

When I look into the mirror 

I could see the pains of time 

that speaks its mind to me 

that makes my soul bleed like the sea

why do Life half to be so mean ?

In my life It feels I had already lived it

when I look back into the mirrow 

oh the tears come so near 

words of long ago cuting away at my soul

bold yet so cold 

darkness of another time

that play games on my mind

the distance of life hidden  away

in the mirror of time of gray 

faith has been lost in the eyes of the dark

hearts have been broken 

like tokens tossed into the sea 

left out to bleed

while the heart sinks into darken dreams .


Poetic Lilly J. Emery (c)


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