Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Fri, 02/26/2016 - 20:47 -- Dazjah

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Show me the face that holds all the pain

That has once seen it all

The face that knows all the ways of bane

Show me this face 

This face that the sun competes with to shine

This face that grows at such a quick pace

Show me this face that is all mine

What I have to live with

A face that I accept

A face that even holds more beauty than a monolith

A face that I have kept

I love my looks

I will not change 

With this face thou shall desire me like the food from cooks

However strange

I love my looks

So show me 


This face I love

This face that I accept

Show me this face

My face

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Mirror, mirror tell me this, where is my face? love the symbolism and imagery. Good job.

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