"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..."


One day I looked into my mirror and it started to speak, it said

"Look into me and tell me what you see?"

Before I could answer it said

"If you say yourself, wrong you would be. You always see your flaws. Every little thing that gnaws. You stand before me and do nothing but bash, if it was an award you would receive a sash."


The mirror went on


"I see who you really are, I see beyond what you see. Your beauty is mighty but your inner beauty is what can not compare. Your inner beauty, is indeed what makes you fair.

I see how you are when no one is around. I know you better than you know yourself. How does that sound?

You've always been the talkative type. Even as a kid your teachers told your parents that you were a "Social butterfly"

But sometimes that's lie

You're loud most of the time, but when I see you alone. You like the quiet. You run to clear your mind when you find the time. You work as a waitress and you go to school. Extracurricular, band and colorguard in particularly is what you do

Your friends can always count on you for good advice or just to hangout and have a good time

Independent is what you are, because of your parents, you've made it this far. They've raised you to be the best you could be. To do everything 100% all the way, and I must say

Church is a wonderful place where you love to worship and praise. Singing songs of Glory and learning more each Sunday

You enjoy listening to music. Reasons you're in band. Yearning to play the piano and violin. One day you will learn. But you play the clarinet and toss a flag. Colorguard having so much passion for. Being able to express yourself in a fashion form

Being a Senior is surreal and bitter sweet for you

But you're excited for your future. To teach the young is what you want to pursue. You have so many goals and so many views.

Your flaws make you. But you learn from your mistakes, so they don't break you.

So while you stare, look a little deeper next time and maybe you'll see

I'm just a mirror on the wall and you're actually the fairest of them all."




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