Mirror Mirror

My best friend

tells me lies, but shows the truth

Always can reflect my thoughts.

I ask him what he thinks.

My best friend, who is fairer?


Mirror, mirror

I keep searching for your glass

seeking someone beautiful

but your image gives proof

to the stranger staring back at me.


You don't have to be so mean

when you look at me.

Mirror, mirror 

I am not perfect

and never will be.


So honest yet cruel,

you force twisted images 

and reflect an ugly person

I dont recognize. 


I will shatter your glass

Your never ending presence

I don’t need to see my skin 

to know my soul is beautiful.


My spirit shines brighter 

than my appearance.

My laughter is prettier

than my thighs.

You think your so high up

stop bringing me down.


Mirror mirror

Believe me when I say we are all beautiful 

You’re convinced we’re not thin enough

and our teeth aren't straight enough.

But you know what?

I am enough.

We are enough.

Every man and woman staring back at you

is enough.


Mirror mirror

We are a force to be reckoned with

you have damaged our image too long.

We’ve had enough.

Believe me when I say

imperfections are beautiful. 

Freckles are cute

And big hips are curvy.


Mirror mirror,

if you only knew

the irony in beauty 

is wanting what you cannot have.


To all the people

with messy hair and thick bellies,

don’t shadow your beauty 

in self doubt.

You are so perfect, 

if you could only see yourself

as I do,

you’d wish you were as beautiful as you.


This poem is about: 
My country


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