Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,

you are but my reflection.

Every twist and turn I do,

you always show my imperfections.

But mirror, with your help,

I see myself a new.

You help me shake off the past,

I always feel happy when I look to you.

With you, I see each and every scar,

a mighty collection of my past.

Wicked lines across my wrists,

a faint pain of a memory that doesn't last.

Mirror, you see the truth,

the once broken side of me.

You spoke no words but showed the future,

I saw who I wanted to be.

Mirror, mirror, on my wall,

I thank you today.

You don't judge me by my past,

you listen to every word I say.

Thank you, mirror, for showing me what I'd done wrong,

helped my wounds heal.

You helped get my emotions in check,

you've taught me, again, how to feel.


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