Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Why do I hide behind a mask and walls?

If I were to show the real me, would people run?

Would they stay with me?  Or would I be left?

People see me as the girl who has no worries,

who is always smiling.

What I wouldn't do to show that isn't the only me.

On the inside, I'm more

There is a girl who has been hurt more times 

than she will ever care to admit

who cries herself to sleep on many nights

because she cant help her friends, family and loved one

Her heart breaks for those who can't help themselves

She longs to break free, but still I worry.

What happens when she does break free?

It could ruin me, ruin everything.

Yet still I long, to be the girl who has more than one feeling

I long to have someone to help me through my tough times

And not pretend everything is great, when in reality I am falling apart.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Is it possible to be completely me,

Completely free?


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