Mirror Mirror


Lately I've been thinking that I'm more like the Evil Queen than Snow White.

I am not Wicked, nor am I a Queen-

I am a woman

a young woman

in a society that values my looks above all else.

When I look in the mirror, it speaks back to me

And it doesn't say what you would think.

"You look tired"

she says.

"Yes" I answer "I am busy. I work, I play, I love."

"And with that, I am content."

She nods, my mirror-

she is not what the world makes her out to be.

"There are lines on your face" She says.

"Yes" I answer "Those are from when I smile, and when I laugh."

"And for that, I am thankful"

She smiles, my mirror-

she is as misrepresented as I am.

"Your arms look big" She says.

"Yes" I answer "I am strong from lifting my loved ones up, from holding onto myself"

"And for that, I am proud"

She cries, my mirror-

she cries with me.

"We are happy" We say

"You are ready," she says,

"you don't need me"

I will miss her, my mirror-

Yes, I am more like the Evil Queen.

I am confident,

I know what I want;

I am cunning

I am complex

My flaws are Flawless. 




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