MIrror, Mirror


Mirror, Mirror on the wall

You say I’m the least beautiful of all

My teeth, my frizz, my wretched complexion

Fall miles and miles short of your perfection


You tell me my sides could use some work

“A few hours of V-ups,” you say with a smirk

“Forget about wearing that blue clingy shirt

Those huge thighs just will not do in that skirt”


“There’s nothing I can do okay!” I say

“I eat healthy and run for miles every day!”

“Well that’s not good enough,” you reply

And I throw out my lunch to obediently comply


“You’re right, mirror, now I can see

Eating’s for those who deserve it, not me

The ones who can stay slim eating chips

Not a single pound of flab on their hips”


“I’m feeling sick, mirror, I’m weak and I’m sad

I’ve lost 30 pounds but I’m angry and mad

You told me I’d be beautiful when I got here!

You promised!” I screamed, shedding a tear


The girls in my class whisper as I walk by

Saying, “Look, she’s anorexic! “ and not caring why

It was my choice to start, but they don’t understand

That it’s an addiction that gets out of hand


“Just eat, that’s all you have to do,” so they say

But just eating won’t make that mean voice go away

I don’t need any judgment or scorn

But a loving friend to ease the forlorn


“You know what?” The mirror pondered suddenly

“Did I say 30? I meant 33

I have an idea, just stop drinking too

That water in your body’ll help you lose a few”


“Fine,” I agreed, “but just because you promised

I know that your intentions for me are honest

But I still don’t know if this is okay

I’m shaking and shivering in the gym every day”


“Where’d you go mirror? Cause all I can find

Is a skeleton girl with an out-sticking spine

You liar! I yelled with a shock in my voice

How could I have made this deadly choice?”


“I don’t know,” he replied as I startled in surprise

“You know, girl, those bones don’t look good for the guys”

“I hate you, you evil and sick twisted fiend!

I was fine from the start, before you intervened!”


All at that moment I felt betrayed

And that voice was the Judas, whose voice always stayed

He was a liar, nothing but a theif

who stole my self belief


But now I know that he was wrong

And I am just where I belong


I am beautiful no matter what they say

And nothing compares to the way...

I was truly meant to be

which is just beautiful me


He shrivels away from the mirror I look in

And all I can see is the real me in my own skin

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I don’t care what you have to say at all


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