The Mirror: A Horror Poem

as the seconds drag on for days

and my blood begins to raceI find myself lost in your gazethose lifeless eyes glossy on her placid faceI reach for her hand, and suddenly she reaches backour fingertips touch, her skin like...glassI pull back and she follows suitnothing but silence, only time will passI try to ask her her name, butwe ask at the same time awkwardly and then both fall mutelooking down, I notice her scars, stitches, and bruisingshe's clearly fighting a mighty battle and I'm afraid she's losingI reach once more for her, to comfort her at leastuntil I felt her fingertips once againbut this time, my heart seizedinstantly my tears beganI look down at my limp bodyhow could this bethe girl in front of me is dyingthat girl is me



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