The Mirror Girl


Emery High School
975 North Center Street
United States
35° 44' 48.7932" N, 81° 20' 17.1276" W

There's a girl in my mirror.

A shiny, butterscotch mane

Envelopes her imperfect face.

Blue, green, and gray swirl

Inside her tired eyes.

Her nose is too large for Vogue

And the cheek bones are undefined.

Not too tall, not too short.

Her breasts too small, 

unmatched for the butt of a Kardashian.

But she is not just the girl inside the mirror.

She is me.

My face lights up

when a alaugh escapes my pale pink lips.

Cold hands wrestle with each other

When I'm nervous or scared.

The bobbing of my curls

To Joan Jett and Journey.

The way I make everything

More exciting than it should be

I'm a walking hyperbole.

Sweet-smelling sweat

runs down my back

After a long, therapeutic run.

My constant worry

For my family and friends.

The way I always look

and see the best in people.

Selfish, prideful, vain,

caring, kind, exquisite.

All of this is me,

But the girl in the mirror

won't tell me.

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