What would you do if one day,

you looked in the mirror,

but the person glaring back,

wasn't you?


I mean, they looked like you.

They had the same colored hair,

the same marks on their face,

even the same scar on your hand.


Their eyes were brown

But they weren't the same brown.

Warm as the sunset, orbs of powerful onyx.

No, her's were sharp and cold.

Pupils of dangerous obsidian.


Her smile wasn't the same either.

Instead of being wide, showing teeth,

Throwing back her head laughing-

It was thin-lipped, and half baked.

Not holding the same kind and happy connotation as yours,

But instead one of cruelty and superiority.


And her laugh...oh her laugh.

When you laughed, bells chimed,

Birds sang along, and water trinkled along a stream.

Her laugh...

Thunder roared with screams of agony.

Glass shattered, and chills went up your spine.


She kept laughing, and laughing

As you fell back in surprise.

Crawling away, you screamed

"Who are you? What are you laughing at?

Get away from me!"

And that did nothing to stop her laughter.


"What am I laughing at? YOU!

Who do you think you are, talking back to me?

I am the queen of all,

And you?

You are the pathetic, mewing whim

That I keep for amusement."


"I am the all-knowing

I am the voices that keep you up at night.

I am the one who fills you with dread.

I hold all the cards in the pathetic game you call life.

And I have no qualms with making you lose."


"Why do you do this?

What did I do to deserve this?"

And her laughs grow and grow,

And the earth appears to sway underneath you.


"You did nothing! That's the best part!

Look in the mirror, sweetheart, 

Look and tell me what you see!

I watch you stumble through life,

Watch as others throw stones at you.

Watch as you fail again and again.

Watch your attempts at being the fairest of them all.

And watch you fall, everyday, like clockwork."


"You try so hard to be loved.

To be noticed, to please everyone.

But there's no point!

There will always be someone better than you!

There will always be a girl

With skin as pure as snow.

Lips as red as blood,

and hair as black as a raven.

And you will never be loved

As long as she's around"


So you claw yourself into a corner

And you lay there numb

Hoping that someday

Somebody will come.


What would you do if one day,

you looked in the mirror,

but the person glaring back,

wasn't you?


What would you do if they exposed your hidden fears,

Your deepest insecurities,

Every miniscule detail you hated and loathed about yourself.

What would you do?


Wouldn't you walk through hell everyday

So you could return and prove to that mirror

That they were wrong

And that you really were

The Fairest of Them All?

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