The Mirage Dream Following me around (a sonnet)

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 12:08 -- sh9812

There was a newer world I entered once;

We always flew from one place to the next.

Blinked an eye and there I was; no distance;

The mirrors disguised me, I felt perplexed.


I want to leave - is this the afterlife?

The trees they told me there is no escape.

A storm took away an effortless life;

Trapped in the shadows I found no escape.


Glimpses of the past - is this a coma?

Why, I remember a sweet aftertaste,

But this was no euneirophrenia;

Surrounded in the dark, a nightmare taste.


Dawn brought a long forgotten dream in vain -

Before I knew it I was there again.

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Our world
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