Miraculous Mistake

It was just a boy who made a mistake, and a girl who let him

There's not a thing wrong with it, and you try to call it sin?

The fact that he's underage makes him less of a father?

Makes him unfit to care for and protect his own daughter?

And she can't be a mom 'cause she's still in school?

All hope's lost for her, that poor young fool

At least she's got guts to feed the damn thing

To push the girl's stroller, to rock her, to sing

And daddy, he's okay, getting his life under control

Realizing what it takes to care so much for another soul

He's still being young, but becoming so mature

Every beat of his heart is beating for her

And you think they're still unfit to be parents?

The mistake they made is a gift God sent

They may not be in the best of all situations

But they bring pride to our faithless generation

There isn't a textbook that defines what it takes

That determines what bends them and what makes them break

But look at the girl, and what her life's all about

Happy, healthy, a bright future, no doubt

Because she's got the parents to raise her up right

Who take all the shit, and never forget to kiss her goodnight


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