Minutes into Moments

We look at love as temporary..

When really temporary is contrary.. 

We turn hours into seconds..

and most bad things that last forever are turned even more reckless..

We purposely forget the true meaning of time..

but I have my eyes on it, never forgetting I'M..

Responsible for my true beliefs..

releasing air because I have the AUDACITY to breath..

We judge true beauty as if it's wrong..

but the "right" ones who claim it, are the ones who don't belong..

We let another mans brain determine our strength.. 

simply because we give up measuring before we can solve the length..

We forget that memories last forever!..

and that you can love whoever simply whenever..

you can smile within 60 seconds.. a minute!..

and cherish that minute into one moment..

Good things DO last forever..

A clever heart never says never..

Now let's step back from life and view just a minute.. a minute that'll turn into a moment.. a moment that'll last forever..


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