Wed, 10/25/2017 - 22:02 -- katyw7


United States

It is relevant to find who you are,

Where you stand and who you are not. 

Me? I am like a star,

3 billion miles away, 

just there, never seen, 

only a thought.


It is relevant to know who you are, 

What defines you and who you are not. 

Me? I am like a ship that sails no where but far, 

Drifting in the vast ocean; 

simply a dot. 


It is relevant to see who you are, 

Who you want to become and who you are not. 

Me? I am a grain of sand in a sand bar, 

Many like me trying to fill up 

each slot. 


It is relevant that I say these things, 

For understanding the role I play,

In the world and what it brings,

And the way I see myself everyday.


I am a minute aspect of Earth, 

And my identity will fade away.


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