It was quick, and it’s not what she was hoping, yet
He’s giving her the high she tried to find within an opiate
Amidst the years, there’s quite a distance, but she’s close to him
If he’s more than an associate, they deem it inappropriate

Blessed with such a hex, it wrecks him with infection
What makes him so complex-his undisputed intellection
It’s beautiful, what he constructs with all her empty words
He’d rather cope with sickness then fall victim to a tempting cure

She can’t resist it; his thoughts are just so lyrical
Caught up in his existence that’s nothing short of a miracle
He’ll flip the switch, which incessantly will set him free
And she can’t rip the stitch; she’s sowed in way too deep to let it be

She’ll wear him on her sleeve, until he feels the need to leave….

So this is it? When you finally lose your dignity
And everything you value has been shattered into bits to clean
What’s good can never stay like the days they say you’ll live to see,
If only it was easy, seize the pieces of the kid in me

So this is it, when you finally have to ask for help
The mark is now a stain, in fact you put it there yourself
And when you try and wash it out, remember how it got there
Bask in what you have, even when it’s not fair

The type of task that he has asked of her
Impractical, she’ll have to learn
To utilize the mask and make it last so she’ll get passed the hurt
A concept she won’t grasp at first, adapt and know it can’t get worse
Wander with him to a rhythm in the psychopathic dirt,

She sees the future in him, and yeah the truth’s subliminal
But how can you have faith when they portray you as a criminal
And what’s the minimal, what’s the limit, what’s the maximum?
There’s never one substantial answer but she keeps on asking him

Consistently observant, she clearly sees his purpose
He thinks that he is worthless, places ink up on his surface
Unsure of how to word this, she puts it in her verses
Hoping that the pencil will perpetually preserve this

It’s unfortunate; i found a comfort in his presence
I tortured it a bit and now I’m bound to adolescence
Sounds like a mess that’s, sketched a new direction
A lesson in disguise as a crude and lewd obsession

He’s undressed me, more mentally than physically
Stripped my mind of sanity and left me in the bed to think
Showing my true colors, underneath the covers
Wonders why he always waits to say he loves her


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