Wed, 09/18/2019 - 18:58 -- Syddie

Don’t put a stain on my name

You can stab me in the back;

Just know that I’ll jab back


I was meant to be sacrificed

Yet you kept me alive

That was back then,

When I was banished to the labyrinth


I’m back now, somehow,

With a few things I want to tell you

Please listen and wait

Hopefully, my words will soften your gaze


First off, no, I didn’t eat any children

I didn’t eat anyone

I’m sorry they murdered your son,

but that doesn’t mean I have to kill anyone


Next, I forgive your family

Murdered is a heavy word

And I don’t want to carry it anymore


Lastly, I’m stuck in a corn maze

No way to get out

I’m trapped in this place,

and I think I’m being chased


I’m not a monster

Please come back

I know it’s just a corn maze,

But I can’t see through all the haze


I’ve been asleep for years and years

Still learning how to run again

So save me, have grace

Don’t let this be my final breath



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