Mine & Yours

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 23:10 -- fox0318

I see him there.

Deep lines, pretty tall.

They tell me, respect is key

But I don’t feel it at all.

The man who gave me that ball


He reaches for me

I pull away

When I was small of age

I would always stay

Now I want nothing more than to move astray



The family.

Shoulder to shoulder.

Eye to eye.

Heart to heart.


I stop.

A bird chirps in the nest up ahead.

I think to myself

Is this how it will end?

The chicks follow, waiting to be fed.


He cares.

All the lessons

All the memories

It’s easy to feel the depression

Happiness, down the drain from one single confession


He who planted a seed

Fostering sadness

Choked in joy

I am who I am today

No one more.


I am happy.

Coated with sunshine

No matter, I am sorry

There is always a force that has the sun retire at night

Make way for the waning moon it cries.


Is this what I want?

Little fractures slowly driving my family further apart?

I call his name and walk into his fatherly embrace.

He loves me, he cares for me

Some of the days.


This poem is about: 
My family


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