Sat, 04/16/2016 - 00:01 -- jane427

Leap of faith into the wind,

Parachute back in resemblance of the staggered memories of independence.

The title, "us!" is presented with both neighboring feelings of worry and hope,

The label, "we!" that continuously conjoins you and me;

The aimless wander of autopilot repeating,

My eyes see grey.

Independence suddenly subsiding,

Heart beats both fast and calm when in your presence.

Attached for so long slowly realizing I am unhappy.

Love is on the tip of the tongue and implied by the looks of the eye,

Growing weak of confusion, I am apparent.

I am forgetting that I am not dependent.

 “Happiness” once spelled across my widened smile is now being read as “lost” on my short frowned lips.

I assure you if you are in need of confirmation, I do love you.

Losing my independence means losing myself after heart ache,

My independence is the most precious untouchable thing I can call mine.

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