Mind's War

Behind the bone that is my skull

holds nothing but a darkness dull

screams and laughter ring

and the thoughts the voices bring

creates an uneasy rest

and I am ruthless, even at my best

as I paint a mental picture portrait

all that is discovered is more terrifying than torment

behind my eyes are skies of black

that only show me the qualities I lack

within these skies

planes fly high

leaving me to only battle with all my might

blocking out the noise from the outside

doesn't cancel the callings of the inner voices in which I abide

I try to find a break through

a small hole or even a crack

but all I am left with is not the faces but the backs

every image played

each tear that was made

the ding of each bell

clambering my mind and wanting me to yell

but I remain silent

because in the quite is when I am most violent

my eyes will blink

as I try not to think

my head will burn from the sensation

only causing me to give into the temptation

the fading light turns dark

as I listen to the ticking clock's mark

I cannot win anymore

I can't take what further lures

I need an end

because this mind of mine is my only friend

I can't get past the noise

to even speak up and have a voice

I need a way out

if only I could wander about

without my brain in my head

but then that would cause me to be dead

even that seems satisfying

now there are thoughts of me dying

when will this sentence stop

where is the period that ends this slop

since life won't end on it's own

I guess I have to disable my own bones

no one knows what I hear

no one knows what I fear

but now is their chance

now they can take a glance

they can see why my heart beats twice as fast

why I always feel as if I am last

as I show them what's in my mind

who knows, they may all go blind

from the terror that takes place

from the terror that takes place

from the black that is hidden behind my face

I lift my hand to my head

my fingers are made of lead

I hear the click

with one minor flick

and all has disappeared

the voices, the hatred, the thoughts

you'd think there be blood

but there was not

for I had none to shed

because it had been past shed within my head

no one cry

no one blink

this is what is best for me

no more battles no more wars

this is who I am suppose to be

a wonderer with no brain in it's head

because with my thoughts, even you would rather be dead.


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