I have felt loss.

I have felt lost.

I lost faith,

I lost hope.

I have felt an indescribable void,

which is not quite a feeling,

more a lack thereof.

I have fed into darkness,

one within me that I felt like I created.

It fed off loneliness.

It fed off doubt.

It fed off pain.

A pain that had no emotion or reason behind it.

The lack of cause frustrated me the most.

It took a fight,

a battle,

to pull me into the light.

It took betraying the voice in my head,

one I felt I could trust,

to reclaim my life as my own.

It is a learning process you cannot get discouraged from,

realizing that discouragement is your own manifestation.

Through processes relearned,

basic functions retaught.

But when I felt the light again,

what I once thought was lost,

I've never wanted to let that void consume me again.


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