Mind Taught Me...

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 22:54 -- tayroys

Dear Mind,

you and I

we share a kind of love-hate relationship, some might say toxic


when we first met

for a second, you had me fooled

you convinced me I was depressed,

because you isolated me, I felt alone

because you think, I think,




you make it hard to breathe, to relax

but you make me feel guilty for even wanting that

at least I can breathe

you remind me that

I didn't do anything to deserve such clean air,

that there are so many 

out there


without clean air 

and sometimes

they don't breathe




why should I care, right?

this won't matter when we go extinct, right? which,

you remind me daily that is inevitable

you remind me how tiny I am, how minuscule 

but you've also taught me

that is exactly why it does matter

wait, why what matters?

exactly, nothing

nothing tangible at least

but what we can maybe describe as magic

it's like we were chosen,

when the stars exploded, they didn't have to create us

but they did 

holy shit, that's magic


since getting to know you,

everything has this kind of vibrance

that blade of grass is gorgeous,

and we are connected


although you've put me through a lot of shit

I guess, in a way

you saved me

you brought me to life


I guess what I'm trying to say is


thank you,


love, Taylor








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Our world


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