Mind Over Everything

It isn't just the simple things

That give my mind something to think.

It's more complex to investigate

And push your mind until it might break.


I think of depression and how it controls

Every apsect of living, and how it's so bold.

I think of our dreams, and why they're so odd.

What if it is a new blessing from God?


I think of all poems and read between lines.

But what if those words weren't meant for my eyes?

I think of mistakes and why do some people not regret?

Is it a peice of their mind they have chosen to forget?


And by thinking these thoughts I have created my confussion.

It will force my skull to a wall and may cause a contusion.

Hopefully in my insanity I haven't left anything behind,

But just incase I have, I'll be back to Speak More of my Mind.


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