A Mind of Her Own

She was quiet.

While her classmates shot their hands to the skies,

She dropped her eyes to the floor,

Attention was not her thing.


She clinged to the shadows of those around her-

Blending with ease into the designless blur of crowds.

Spotlights were her enemies, the shade of solitude- her ally.


But her timidness was only a subtle side effect-

A symptom of her curiosity, a diagnosis to her wonder.

With wide eyes, she watched the world around her.


The universe had its glitches, its miracles, its hidden treasures.

And while others rushed past with ignorance,

She observed with grace- quick to catch the unnoticed.


She watched the man sit on the curb,

And place his hat on the street,

Humility in his eyes, pride in the straightness of his back, dignity in his grip.


She watched a woman place her child in the arms of another.

The subtle tenseness as the mother pulled away,

Knowing deep down, that someday her warmth and love

Would no longer sooth the cries of her baby.  


She watched the old couple walk arm in arm.

Their wrinkles told of their wisdom, their knowledge

That so magnificently surpassed her own.


This girl craved every peculiarity, every detail of the world around her.

She studied her life under the microscope of discovery,

And so passionately observed what others overlooked.


Yet as she grew, her mind filled to the brim with such observations,

Until these hidden treasures overflowed her fountain of youth.

And so she took her pen to her paper, and drained all thoughts.


Words floated, swirled, and drowned her pages.

Drenching late nights with her understandings of the world,

Her interpretations of the unknown.


Finally her thoughts had a place,

Had a home,

Had a purpose.


And so she wrote of everything she saw,

Spilled all emotion, all pain, all beauty

Until the randomness of the world,

Became the certainty of her poetry.


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