Sat, 08/10/2019 - 18:53 -- Aripari

Therein, residing in my mind, is a monster so evil, dark and unkind. Thoughts racing, telling me that I’m hideous. Yelling and screaming to rip off my face; because I look ridiculous. Again with the whispers, it rumbles from the depths; my mind says that if I should feel so inclined, to just relinquish my hold on life. I go through the day with all this pain, anguish and strife. There seems to be no escape from this plight. There is no end is sight. But there must be a way to make it right. Demons swirling and emotions whirling. There is a monster in my mind. At times I think it better that I be blind. Always judging and drudging. Never seeing my own self worth. Trapped inside my mind, waiting for my rebirth.

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My community
Our world


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