The Mind

many people do not understand the mind. The mind is infinate, the mind is our strongest asset. there are so many doors entering places you did not know of. yet it is your own mind. we blanace on a thin string of mental competance. one false move or the slightest slip, and you could fall. but fall where? where is it that we fall? many people fear being lost. being physically lost in a place that they are not fond of. but being ;lost in the mind. the body is present you are not lost. people can see you and speak to you you are not lost. but you are. and how does one return? wandering throughout their pschye attempting to find that one door leading you back to clear reality. but there are so many doors. you fell off that thin line of mental competence and you are left to wander. but that is where the best discovories are found. when we are lost, but not lost. here, but not here. the mind is infinate, and we are just one slip away. there is no escaping the mind, because you do not know the mind.  


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