Milo haze

Sun, 08/09/2015 - 15:48 -- SS61893

Constant ruminating, its recirculating.

I look at you, while my mind seems to be illuminating

From the watchers eye, you know nothing,

Yet you hold the knowledge of solely entrusting, without judging.

Such purity only can those of age dream of holding.


And so you dance.


Awaken your mind, angel.

Awaken your soul,

Let the universe lead you flawlessly,

and takes full control.


Rise with the fire

Believe in chance

Let us learn beside you


And so you dance


Your eyes hold wisdom of an old soul, though your spirit untried

By touch and sound you recognize,

Your presence;  I very much prophesied.

And now here you are, with your innocence alongside.


And so you dance


For everything is unfamiliar, your world a tyro

So soon you will understand, the world’s beauty you will know

The knowledge you will gain, the enlightenment you will hold

Let curiosity guide you, and the light fill your soul

For your life’s just beginning,

 My sweetest milo.


And so you dance




This poem is about: 
My family


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