A Million Ways To Love You

I Always Tell You
There Are A Million Ways To Love You
And You Never Believe Me
Why Don't You Believe Me?

Your Eyes
Oh How That Smile Shines
Those Dimples Are Gorgeous
And Oh How That Laugh Makes Me Melt

There Are A Million Way To Love You
And I Can't Believe You Never Believe Me
After I Tell You Day After Day Why
You Don't Believe Any Bit Of It

How You Can't Help But Laugh At Your Stupid Jokes
How Your Green Eyes Just Shine
And How Sometimes You Laugh And Only Half Your Smile Goes Up
How Your Brown Hair Shines In The Sun

You Still Don't Believe I Love You
I Can Name A Million Reasons I Already Said That
But Why You Don't Believe Me
Is Because I've Never Told You This

I've Never Told You
Because We're Just Friends
Maybe Even Less Now
Now That I'm Gone

You Would Come To Me About Her
Even Though She Was Taken
You Were Smitten
And I Know You Can't Help That

Just Like I Hope You Know
That I Can't Help It Either
I Love You
But Once I Tell You My Million Reasons

You Will Never See Me As That Stupid Girl You Talk To
About That Other Girl
You Might See Me In More Than A Friend
But I'm Sure You Will See Me As Someone You Can't Talk To

Just Know That No Matter What My Feelings Are
I Will Listen To Your Drama
I Will Listen To You Talk About Her
I Will Listen And Put My Feelings Aside

Sure I Love You
Sure I've Always Wanted To Be More Than Friends
But If That Would Cost A Friend
I Don't Need It

There Are A Million Reasons Why
There Are A Million Things About You
There Are A Million Things Unsaid
There Are A Million To Love You


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