Million Stars

Million stars

I cannot love nor write about it for it has been stripped away from me.
The memories cannot be remedies for what has awaken in me today.
I have cloaked myself in loneliness and desperation
My heart has been filled of atrocious lamentation.
Just come back to me
Without you I cannot live
Without you I cannot be
Without you I am blind, I cannot see.
I promise to devote my time for you
I promise to be your best friend
I promise I will go with you till the end
Just come back
My life has fallen off its rails into a deathly path.
Come back.
You are like the oxygen that my lungs must inhale
Sadness drains upon me and it has now taken the form of hail
It's so hard for my logic to prevail against my emotions.
When I close my eyes
There is nothing,just a dark paradise.
The beautiful dreams we had have halted to a stop.
They have hatched and spread over the night sky like a million stars and I wish upon them again and again
That you I will again regain.
Just remember me when all else fails
When you're life has fallen off it's rails.
When you left you promised to come back and that you would take care
And I promised that I would be there
And here I am waiting for you.
If forever it takes forever I'll do
For you are my strength,pride and joy
Por ti yo soy lo que hoy soy.
And I love you
With all my heart,mind and soul
Even though my skies have lost their shade of blue
I still love you.
And I know that there is still no you, except for in my dreams tonight
Where I will cross to the other side.
Where you and I shall meet
And with kisses and hugs we shall greet.
I know that you're just as desperate as I am
But distance and time will not
Break us apart so baby when you can,baby when you can just come back.
For now I will be with you in my dreams tonight
Where you and I shall dance forever under the moonlight.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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