A Million Reasons Why

Sat, 05/24/2014 - 00:40 -- AJay

For the girl who has to see her drunk father

For the boy who gets teased because he's gay

For the twins who are stuck together

For the child who sees his sister waste away

For the person who hears terrorist daily

For the one who can't forget

For the man facing time

For the woman who can't help but regret

For the grieving parents

For the living and the dead

For the wheelchair bound

Who don't let it go to their head

For the mentally ill

So they can have a laugh

For the distressed mother

To convince her son to take a bath

For the best friend

To cease her tears

For the little sister

To scare away her fears

For the unclaimed

To let them be heard

For the restless souls

So they can fly like a bird

For the bullies

For their victims

Everyone has a story

I write so you can hear them



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