A million an one

Do this, do that. A million an one task. Let me breath default the need. Im imperfection my mind was never perfected. I give my all, trashing those who talk the most. Your mistake will never amount to mines so dont use me as your life line. Throw my name to the wind as it comes back with a deadly spin. My work is fierce. My hands blood stained my eyes filled with tears. Still I keep going that extra mile. They see my work in the light of day while all you do is lurk, in the darkiest nights. But in the end ill win this fight. Still I come back stronger fighting longer. They say they know where my heart is at. But do they know how ruff it is. Im still new to this. My eyes are open and I see. My emtions mixed in this deadly sea. Nothing can stay calm as I give my stained hand to another stray lost soul that disobeys. I give my time to teach those the commands of life I give my heart to those roaming this unloving road. I hug the ones that people claim that they got an ugly mug. Keeping the faith, wagging as I give my trust to those who never knew how to from the start. Dont misconstrued my words. God gave me these gifts for a purpose and the ones that need to see it will miss me and best believe it they wouldnt find there place with out me.

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