Military Mentor

The world is a wolf, snatching innocence and feeding on the shortcomings of others.

A child with mindless ignorance enters the woods; a blank slate.

They look upon the faces of those around them, observing and repeating.

A child follows blindly behind parents into the same foolish trends and mistakes.

Little do they know that the wolf is leading them straight into its awaiting jaws.

Parents struggle to stay awake, for they are already entangled in the wolf’s claws.

”I will never be like that.” The child says, failing to realize the path already chosen.

The child leaves the parents only to walk directly into the horrible maw of the beast.

I am not that child. 

I see the world as a wolf and I will hunt it down. 

I will leave the patterns behind in order to find new opportunities.

Life is a journey with many detours.

This is what my father taught me when I came to him from the jaws of the wolf.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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