A Mile in my Shoes

You wanna say that I'm mean 
But you haven't seen what I've seen
I've been through some things
You wanna see what I've been through?
Walk a mile in my shoes
And maybe, just maybe
You would understand
Why I keep myself guarded
And won't let anyone in
Because every time i do,
I get hurt, this is true
And I try not to care,
Care about all my despairs
But there's only so much you can suppress
Until it comes back to depress
Depress you 
Depress me 
Depress the world in which we sleep 
So when you wanna judge me
Take a minute and look and see
See the pain I've hidden deep in my eyes 
Look at the dry stains of tears from my cries
See me for who i am
Who i was
And who i wanna be
So when you walk a mile in my shoes and still wanna judge me
Remember, just remember
That i was deceived betrayed and hurt in so many ways
That you wouldn't be able to imagine how many days
I cried and cried for release of this pain
The pain i felt for 16 years 
The pain that brought emptiness after endless tears
So go ahead 
Walk a mile in my shoes 
Look and see the error of you calling me a fool
Because i was never a fool
Just crazy enough to believe in you
While you talked behind my back
Said i was this and that
But you didn't understand
The pain i was in
You didn't understand the decisions i made 
You didn't understand my life was a maze
Because you didn't understand me
And that's because you couldn't see
See the tears that so effortlessly fell when i was alone
See all the things i ran from and why i tried to get back to the safety of my home 
Because home was where i belonged 
Home was my comfort zone
If only i knew where home was then maybe I wouldn't have went through the things i went through
Or maybe i wouldn't be as mean as YOU
Say i am
But i don't blame you for not wanting to walk a mile in my shoes 
Because what I've been through
I wish on no one, not even you
So never mind don't walk a mile in my shoes
And you can judge me how you want to 
Because as far as I'm concerned
I know what I've been through
And I know you
Wouldn't even be able to handle the trials I continually go through
Don't feel the pain that tried to make me go insane because it only brings more scars and more pain
So go judge me, i don't care because what you say about me wont make me lame
It makes me stronger than i was before the pain
Do what you want
Say what you will
Just don't walk a mile in my shoes because
Walking a mile in my shoes
Would be the worst thing for you to do 
It will leave you lost if you are not prepared to do 
Do what needs to be done to overcome
Overcome the tears fears and peers
That tried to break me down for 16 years
So go ahead do you but 
Do Not
I Repeat
Do Not 
Walk a mile in my shoes because it will only cause a greater struggle within you
For my shoes are custom made for me
And you can't handle the things i see.
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