A Mild Melancholy


South Africa

In the lull of a mild melancholy, my thoughts condense upon the cold window of a forlorn wish.

On the hearthstone of my imaginings library, I curl into the croissant like shape of a dreaming cat.

The hug of flame-made warmth is of the same nature as the embrace of the wind.

Cradled by the Universe and her songful whisper; “be warm little Spirit and dry your wings; for I await you in the wind.”

Heavens move… Mist becomes running drops along the glass; and my heart is full once more.

The teary window reveals days first light. Orange thoughts accompany a sweet scent of waking grass.

A last sleepy outbreath carries away the beautiful sadness afore my moonlit respite.

I draw in sun-kissed air from upon my upper lip – an endless gift fashioned of star fusion; tempered by the womb of our home world.

Wistful substitute for cosmic heat - behind the hearth it sighs with the sound of its dying glow.

Imaginations dust; a little phoenix welcomes the sunrise.



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This poem literally made me feel warmer. I want to hear more!



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