A sinister presence descended over my mind.

It carved out all light and with it,

My sight.

Tears unabashedly pored from useless eyes.

A master mason began practicing his art.

With a steady rhythm, his chisel pierced my brain.

His perverse hammer that struck the blow,

Was not the worst I had to forgo.


Another wicked being was in attendance.

A corrupt conductor was poised to play an evil harmony.

His ambitious cadence consumed my body,

In pounding torment.

His sickening meter ravaged all healthy thoughts;

Which sent every synapse in panic, and every nerve into revolt.

His goal was plain,

Which was in no way, humane.


The symphonic demon, soon overpowered the mason.

Their battle for prevalence was never a game,

But a competition with the prize of pain.

The enduring suffering struck every axon

Like an amoral mandolin.  

Yet with every howl of pain, the composer became more unyielding.

His plan turned a sickness of the mind into a sickness of the body.

And it seemed as if his possession would be eternal.


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