Midwest Girls

(Verse 1)

You were from Vermont

I was from Michigan

I said "My state is known for it's Great Lakes"

You turned around with a sheepish grin and said "Mine's known for Maple syrup trees and pancakes"

I said "Well, that's cool, do you like small flat things that are round?"

You gave me a wink and put out your hands and I dropped my top on the ground



Honey I know you're use to melons

I know that you're use to holding two big  peaches in your hands

Well, sweetie you're about to get my pancake special

Just go get that syrup from the kitchen baby

I got a real nice plan



I got the pancakes 

You got the sausage

Let's see if we can have a little brunch

Just let me get some whip cream and Maple syrup baby

And we can have each other for lunch

You say you're from Vermont and you like to eat pancakes all the time

Well honey if ya like to have something small and sweet

Darlin' you can try mine

I got the pancake special honey

Pancake special

And honey that sausage you brought me looks so damn fine

Us Midwest girls know how to dine




(Verse 2)

Well, they're like the size of two English muffins they'd fit perfectly in your hands

I'm knew to Latin foods, so I didn't understand

What you meant by you having some Chorizo to go with my pancakes today at Noon

Then you told me what you meant and I told ya to get over to my house real soon


(Repeat Chorus)


I'm talkin: 

Sweet caramel brown skin with big brown eyes

He stands 6 feet tall and stands up good whenever I give him a rise

He says: "Mija let me come over, we can chill for awhile"

"I'm in the mood for pancakes again and I know that Chorizo I gave you last time made you smile"


I told him "Baby that made me smile for days"

He said "Good, I'm on my way"


(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Guitar solo)


(Repeat Chorus)



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