Midnight Melodies


Midnight Melodies

Moonlit sky above

Silence in the cold, dark night

But listen, listen, to the sounds


Closed eyes, open ears,

Lullabies float through the air

Resonating tunes, list'n carefully now


Sounds of souls and sprites,

Singing, dancing, all the night

Their voices, so clearly, I hear


Fragile wings stroke my face

As they flitter by so softly

Whispering enchanted melodies.


Listen, listen, to the sounds

Resonating tunes, list'n carefully now

Their voices, so clearly, I hear,

Whispering enchanted melodies

Into the midnight air


Em Anekaf

This gave me chills! You obviously have a concrete understanding of rhyme and meter. I also really liked the faerie-tale elements in this piece. Without them, this poem would almost be creepy. Wonderfully written, but creepy.

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