A Midnight Conversation

Deeply felt words
Drifting off into the night
Openly communicating
My heart poured out to you

A promise of forever
Describing words held back
For far too long
I’d always wanted to say
Just how much I love you

In the gray-blue light 
Of early dawn, still awake, 
Alone this morning, and
Yet never again alone.

I realized that the moment
I gave up hope, gave up caring…
I found everything
I have always been looking for.

As I revealed to you
That which was written
In my heart
Both fear and calm 
Overcame my mind.

I had to let you know
How I crave that someday,
That all my future hopes
Rest in those gray blue dawns.

The morning light stroked my face,
A touch as gentle as your own. 
The sweet melody of you
The only song in my head.

I will hold forever
The secrets of your heart.
I would love to be yours
And have you be mine
Until the day my heart stops.

I love you
With all that I am 
And all that I will ever be
And I hope that you know 
You mean everything to me.



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