Midnight and Awake

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 11:16 -- Jayg

My Focus moves from TV to what is around. Dull buzz from the tv next door. The sounds of the house are low hums and small paws across the tile floor.

Eyes fall to windows. The portals to another world. Curiosity bids me forward yet humanity's basic fear anchors my approach. The unknown is unpleasant, the undiscovered unsafe. The small glow of my room highlights my form to the darkness outdoors like a beacon of fear guiding all my nightmares to me.

Unknown beauty. My street which lacks lighting depicts a peaceful scene where deer gather for late night rendezvous yet the crickets still sleep. Silence swallows opposition and comforts its audience.

Back to my bed I go, my curiosity stemmed and the chains of my anchor broken. What we hold close is our own solitude in our "protection" and distance ourselves from life's harmonies.

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Our world
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