Black takes over the sky.

All is silent as night hugs the earth around.

Pleasures of light have faded away.

Memories of day have turned to dust.

Clocks of grey line to the point.

Times presence no longer coats my soul.

All is stopped except the dark decay.

Running in Shadows of darkness have no meaning.

Purpose lost through endless voids.

Sounds become crisp yet unclear.

Fear is present with the company of illusion.                                     

Minds wander through the lands of mass confusion.

Lovely blank expressions on the things never seen.

Smiles on objects yet looks of uncanny intent are among.

Why am I here?

The love that is given by empty enjoyment.

The care received yet never given by the darkness surrounding.

Complex tonalities coat the land like shrouds.

Nothing ever speaking nor is it ever allowed.

Chains bind.

Eyes already blind.

Look but there’s nothing ever behind.

Forward is endless like theres no other side.

The dark lies to me.

Promises never fulfilled.

Scenes are only pictures.

Pictures are only stored.

Hours creep.

Minutes crawl.

Why am I here?

Air is as calm as it’s in the Mid.

Nights are common yet dreaded.





Only by that of which is not a haze.

Midnight hour.

The beginning of the end already accepted.

Dreams seem real but are only false.


That is…..



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