The Midgard Serpent

The Midgard Serpent stirs slightly in his slumber

A long and unsatisfying rest that has lasted since the days of Thor and Woten
When the halls were vast and the Valkeryies washed blood from their armor that wasn’t their own

But the Midgard Serpent is stirring

See his great eye - the last twitch caused a tsunami in Sri Lanka. 

Sometimes he chokes on his own tail and the earth shakes.

When the oil tanks flood the oceans he chokes and that is when the volcanoes come to life and completely melt away Antigua.

When the midgardian mortals bomb away on each other’s foreign shores, when they shave the trees from the ground,
when another species is murdered from existence,
each time,
he almost awakens.

Every day, nearer we fall to Ragnorak

For Jormungand is awakening.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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