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A/N: Found the scholarship at Powepoetry.org and decided to submit a poem for the competition

I’m here. 
I’ve always been here.
I’m the only constant thought in your head,
an annoying repetition, you said.
I’m here on your good days,
and always on the bad.


Sure, ignore me.
Build that glass wall,

see what it does.
See what I do,
eating away at you.
Yeah, lie about me.
It's not like the whole world's watching.


I'm still here.
I'll always be here.


So what happened?
Where did you go?
What did you do?


I’m able to see what’s going on.
I can’t hear anything.
It seems like you can’t sense me either…
I'm not hiding.
This is different.
But I’m still here.


That glass wall wasn’t to contain you.
It was to keep me inside.
So you could forget about me…
But this is just a glass wall.


Just remember,
I can still watch.
I can wait.
I will always be here.
Even on the good days,
and especially on the bad.


It doesn’t matter how much time it’ll take.
This glass is only temporary.
These walls will shatter.
I know they will.


I will be back.
Because I am you.


Aren't you tired of this?


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