Midday Blues

The flowers are in full bloom in many colors and shapes. 

My heart dreads the thought of not being able to bloom too. 

I couldn’t do without the guidance of my mother, the kind words of another. 

Sticks and words break my feekle heart, as I am aware of both them and the sadness 

I illustrate in my art. 

Today marks the day of a car accident. 

An accident that took my life away, without my body. 

The blinking lights foretold ominous winds blowing through my hair. 

And the blood from a knife dripping down into a spotless wooden floor. 

My eyes opened before my heart did. 

I saw the world through new eyes as I realized punishing myself 

was not the answer.

Torture and tormenting had gone on for far too long, in the morning and 

the night I feared for my life.

But I no longer considered myself an enemy. 

The bandage across my chest woke my heart up to see the world my eyes could not. 

A world full of love, a world I could grow up in once more. 

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