michelle, mikey, chelley

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 09:39 -- y2cady

You're not double zero or double D or the model for after plastic surgery
But you're important to me
And the fact that you give me your time of day it's insane
More insane than that hospital I spent like nine days in
But that's okay
And man nine days with out you again would really suck,
More than that story online and
And you're online too
Aren't you
And sometimes you say you're only a grey little box in my screen but
You're important to me
And those times when
The evil gets to you again
I'll still be your friend
You're made of the same stuff
As the moon and the stars
You're my whole night sky
And I'm lucky to be a planet in your solar system
I guess I've doubted myself too many times over
But you're always there
Always so many miles away but
That's okay
Because one day?
We'll be living it up in a big ol' mansion or maybe a tiny New York apartment
Maybe somewhere in between
It doesn't matter to me
As long as you plus I makes "we"
So please my dear, forget that "34-24-34" critique
And don't listen to those people on TV that say you can't be beautiful
Because you are and you always will be.
I think of you day in and day out and day upside down
You turn my day around
And I love you, okay?
More than I could ever say in such a shit way that you could forget within a day
But in my occasional soliloquies I want you to forget all of your anxieties and just set your mind free
That you're important to me


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