Missing In Abyss
Why have I gone this far
is it to see how far I can go
before I slit the throats of the cobra
or is it to know my ill mind is legit
I'm not paranoid on a meth trip
I'm actually equipped to do what I do
do I have a choice
I use dope cause it's then I reach
lost souls or these crossroads
to give a message worth being told
to help them find their way back home
but when I come down. it's like
the whole dark side wages war with me
the deeper I go
the more darker it gets
I become confused
with those I come to meet in the dark
I'm unsure if they need truth or they seek
to lead me to death
for when they reject truth
I question if they are the last one left
summer of 2014

This poem is about: 
My family


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