Mi Pueblo

Something in me changed the moment I inhaled the wind

that whips across my mother land.

Immediately, I felt the strength

of the gale inflate my lungs;

my pores welcomed the brilliant sunrays.

The leaves waved hello; and I was home.

I have seen my own light diminish. 

My glow became pale and faded.

Mind converted to a combat zone from the constant clash against my demons.

I now return with vigor, passion, humility

 It’s hard to believe one trip,

two weeks, can fortify your soul; 

purify it.

It had been ten years, 

one decade

since the last time I stepped on the soil that witnessed my birth. 

I felt the passion of my people radiate across the skyline

and instead of polluted minds

I saw dreams.

Their ambition spread like contagion through my veins.

I never forgot where I came from,

but I elapsed through life failing to immerse in the pride my roots offered;

Pride in myself,

my work,

my time.

I let unworthy visitors step into my life and leave a trail of desolation.

I now return the fortress of the woman I am meant to be.

Destined for greatness and settling for nothing short of distinction.

I return courageous

shrill of mind

an inferno igniting my desire for life.

I may have fallen, but now I stand taller than ever.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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